Sunday, May 12, 2013

So much got done this week!  Bringing tools over to the new studio....finding no less than 15 plastic mallets....hummmm...why I ask myself...why so many????  Discovering tools I didn't know I this corrugater....who knew!
I wonder how many other things I am going to uncover? 
My studio is set up with things around it that make me smile and make my heart my angels....butterfly pictures from Thailand....

Even some of my collection of African masks......none of these things important to the work...just important to my soul!
I am also lucky to have a separate space for my tools and supplies....a place to organize and store all the things that don't have to be out all the time.
As you can see even Bogey is worn out from all of this moving and organizing!
We are getting close to being able to welcome students into the space....still a few details that need to be finished up with the rest of the space.....some space remodeling....things beyond my control....that's will give me time to really get organized and set for running classes and creating new and wonderful pieces!

My brain is so full of new pieces I want to create!  Stay tune!

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